Emily Berg


-Born in Minneapolis.-
-Lives in Key West, FL-
-Has a cat named Cheese Puff.-
-BA from the University of Puget Sound.-
-Left handed.-
-Studied in Australia, Spain & Chile.-
-Studied writing & improv at Second City.-
-Got head stuck in a electric mixer at age 4.
-Rocked braids & windbreaker
suits at Catholic Youth Camp
as a kid.

Living and working as bartender
in Key West, FL was going well until
my birthday. My 31st year started
with a bike accident that broke my jaw
requiring it to be wired shut. With no front
teeth and the inability to talk I found myself unable to work and the medical bills slowly started rolling in. A friend launched a GoFundMe campaign and I decided to offer art as thank you gifts for donations. As the number of donations increased I was making more and more art and loving it more and more. I decided to start a website to showcase the work and also blog to share some thoughts from behind the wires. (Having your jaw wired shut is as
uncomfortable as you think and
WAY more trippy than you can
possibly imagine).
Click here to donate  or read about my accident